Monday, 31 March 2008

The Awali Storm

I don't know what label to give this .. it's just a story I found in the Oasis and it was so sweet I had to jot it down in my 2001 diary. So am sharing it here.

April June 1967The Awali Storm -"This is the story of the bad Awali storm that came last weekend, with over a hundred trees blown down .. The next morning I went round Awali to look at the trees. The Crawford's garage had been blown up in the air and came down all smashed. The Westras path had been blown up about one yard. There was a big tree blown down at the coffee bar. The Andersons fence was blown down, and about 2 or 3 roads away by the Walkers a big tree was blown down and a little bird was killed. A lot of the Arab boys were cutting the trees to clear the roads when they should have been on holiday. I don't know what Daddy meant but he said, "It is an illwind that blows nobody any good." He said he would explain to me some day."- Bruce Buckley Age 8 years 2 monthsJunior 1.

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