Monday, 31 March 2008

Once Upon a Toyshop Shelf

Once upon a toyshop shelf, I found someone to love. The most adorable baby doll. I called her Periwinkle - 'flowering evergreen' - well, she certainly won't age. I loved her from the start. It was a bit like having a little baby to cuddle. Perhaps this was the safest way I could find to express my emotions. No need for fear or guilt or responsibilities - I could love her, then leave her all day and go to work, and come back and love her again, and she would be as sweet as ever.

Later of course, I would want someone to love me back, and a doll wouldn't do. But for then, it did. I was 36 years old, and had just begun therapy for the Child Sexual Abuse I'd been victim to as a little girl. Periwinkle was perhaps the doll that little girl needed to finally come out of the dark corridors of my mind, and help me heal.

5th August 2001, Bahrain - bought one Zapf baby doll, BD 17.500

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