Sunday, 19 April 2015

Saying good bye.

Don't you hate saying good bye to children?

Some of them go away
and some of them grow distant.

Some of them we leave (what fools we are)
and are left with a lifetime of remembrances.

Some of them die (only a few, thank goodness)
but the ones that don't, grow up.

To you that have the children,
I hope you know what you've got.

The future, changeable, in your hands,
something to treasure and tend.

Treasure, not topiary.
Do not prune, twist, or bend.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Not a peaceful thing.

Truth is not a peaceful thing.
Truth can be unkind.
I wish it was a made-up thing
I made up in my mind.

But truth is laws that can't be broke
and truth is oh, so not a joke.
Truth like love goes deep inside
and changes you forever.

It's worth, they say, a love that's lost,
but knowing comes at such a cost.
It breaks your heart and frees your mind.
It's easier to stay blind.

Truth is not a peaceful thing.
It tears apart my myths.
But I choose freedom over peace,
reality over bliss.