Monday, 4 October 2010

Trees to paper to trees.

I saw these three tree designs in a book on applique stitchery
and they looked such fun I couldn't resist giving them a try -
but remembering years of accidentally stitching my needlework
projects to my school tunic, I decided I'd be better off working
with paper and scissors. An excellent form of therapy for anyone
with packrat tendencies. I can now justify all those old magazines
that I Just Can't Throw Away.


Arpita said...

Lovely collages..
Its a very pretty soulful blog you run..:)

zohra said...

How come you don't have Bahrain in your 'Thank you for visiting' list?

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

I do my dear Zohra :o) but I list only the cities, not the countries. Besides, I have so many many things to thank Bahrain for.

Deniz Home said...
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Quilting Fabric said...

I'll give them a try!!

Thanks for sharing.



Shivani Singh said...

An appliqué amateur myself I have it on my sarees and my walls and cushion covers but hey this appliqué ...trees-paper-trees is a gud idea...if not for me but for my niece who is so keen on craft with paper. The idea...thanks for sharing the idea about how to use magazines that one can't throw away. :)