Monday, 24 March 2008

Gladys goes on a manhunt.

Gladys has a thing for older men, she says. So naturally, she was looking forward to meeting some eligible octogenarians this evening. All dressed up and someplace to go - the place in question being The Little Sisters' of the Poor Home for the Aged. It was party time! Birthday party, with cake, candles and prezzies, and eighteen residents seated up front as guests of honour - these were the people whose birthdays come up this month. There was also one lady, Marjorie, 95, celebrating her 25th year at the Home!

Gladys, Put-put and Bindas were just in time for the birthday song and cake-cutting. Gladys wasted not much time getting acquainted with the gentlemen, who were, oddly enough, quite shy. But Gladys tells me that's just how it is with strong beautiful women .. apparently it scares the boys.

Mr. Gorman's knees weren't up to dancing (or so he said). Mr Watt and Mr. Gomes did have a lovely chat with Gladys but remained firmly seated. (Gladys says she thinks they were playing hard-to-get). Mr. Selvaraj was busy with a nap, though he did wake up later to graciously receive a farewell rose from her. Still, one courageous chap Raymond did get up and waltz a bit with old Gladys. Made her day. I think he must have been quite a dancer in his day, because he actually managed to follow some of Gladys' more bizarre dance moves. Put-put meanwhile decided to pull up the ladies for some dancing (they seemed a bit more energetic) and even found a Dancing Queen! (And yes, her name really is Queenie).

Bindas, who's just finished the Dr Clown workshop and is still in training, was a bit shy. But she has connections. She brought Spiderman AND Batman with her. They were a lot shorter than Gladys expected - they could have passed for 6-year-olds. Odd, that.

Well, the fun went on through cake and tea-time, as the clowns introduced themselves to well over a hundred startled people. Gladys was reminded of my childhood pictures, where my sister and I often appeared in matching outfits. (God, she must have hated that .. she was seven years older than I was. Oh. Actually she's STILL seven years older. But I digress). Back to why Gladys was reminded: looking after all these lovely ladies and gallant gentlemen was a huge family of SISTERS. It was quite remarkable, Gladys thought, and very sweet that they all liked to dress in identical clothes. And looking after all the sisters was a mummy. Gladys wondered why they called her "Ma Mere" .. really, none of them looked French. And mummy spoke with an American accent. Hmm.

In addition to all these, was a gaggle of highly excitable, giggly and occasionally hysterical girls. Gladys insists that these creatures are known as The Pestilence. (Upon checking later with Ma Mere, it was revealed that they are, in fact, the postulants. Whatever that means.)

Bubbles, music, song, dance, and much laughter. And then, too soon, it was over. The gentlemen quickly made their escape while Gladys was distracted by yet another pair of sisters - Isabel and Noreen Russell - who WEREN'T dressed in identical clothes. A last dose of bubbles got Isabel a-singing "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" accompanied by Gladys' rather frightful rendition on the melodica. The evening ended with Gladys promising to practise more songs and come back soon for a singalong.

Back home, and I am exhausted, even though I did very little all evening. Really, it was all Gladys. Now there are clown clothes strewn all over my apartment (she's such a slob and leaves all the tidying and laundry to me) and of course, Gladys is nowhere to be seen. But maybe I'll excuse her just this once, because, let's give her credit, she did put in a lot of sweat and soul into this evening. Judging from all the smiling, laughing faces I saw waving back at Gladys as we drove away, it was worth it.

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pRiyA said...

hmmmm... i was waiting with my fangs bared and my claws out for a chance to be patronizing, or at least, wicked. but this post touched my heart and melted it like a marshmallow in hot chocolate.
sniff, beautiful!