Monday, 31 March 2008

A list

Here's a list I found at the end of my diary, circa July 2001.


Once a day, a game - tennis, chess, pick up stix, anything

Dance when you're alone

Reread a favourite childhood book

Throw a spur of the moment party


Marbles - floor games, hopscotch



Follow an international news story. Memorise names of key figures. Research background issues.

Read 3 different books about a single famous person. Do the authors agree on facts or motivations? What do YOU think?

Jot down:

Outline of intended activities for next year

Five year plan

paragraph describing yourself in 20 years.

buy a 5 year date book and use it!

STretch your mind:

Step out of patterns.

Take a different route to work. What do you notice?

Eat a meal in a different place. Is it less/more satisfying?

Sit in a public place - make predictions about what people around you will do. When you get 3/5 right, quit.

What a funny list. I'm not sure where I got it from.

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