Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Tree #1: A lime tree in Bangalore, India.

The first tree is from my parents, and was planted this afternoon,
in their garden. It's a sapling of a lime tree - what we call "neembu"
here. I now have two neembus - I also have a budgerigar named
Neembu - she's lutino (yellow all over) and is exactly the same
colour as the limes we get here.

Daddy supervised the planting, while Krishna (yes, who used
to work for us when we were in Bahrain - he's here on holiday
and came to visit) did the digging. Daddy insisted that I should
be the one to place the sapling in the earth. Krishna patted down
the earth and watered it, and within half an hour, I like to think
Nature showed its appreciation with a lovely little finale --
 a light shower of rain.

Edited 11 Apri 2014

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