Thursday, 30 August 2007

Snape fanfic: King's Pawn

"King's pawn, Severus. Considered in chess to be one of the most important and dangerous pieces in the beginning of the game. Always kept close to protect its ruler, the King. Almost always the first to be moved, and almost always the first to be destroyed."

- by ?

Nicely written fanfic. Snape compares the two men who dictate his life - his master, the Dark Lord and his friend, the Headmaster - and finds a common thread.

"I am manipulated by the man I call Master, and the man I call friend."

This fanfic is in two vignettes, and I love the single word that sums up so much at the end of each. Something potent and chilling about them: and the last word gets to be Snape's. Can't tell you more than that, dears, it would be a spoiler and I want you to read King's Pawn for yourself!

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