Thursday, 16 August 2007

Say Goodbye, Gladys.

This was the code-line, to be used whenever Gladys talked too much, or needed to be informed that it was time to move on to another patient. I'd always tell people that if they got tired of the Gladys act, all they had to do was tell her: "Say goodbye, Gladys!" and that would be the cue - Gladys would obediently say "Goodbye, Gladys!" and then I'd snap out of the Gladys act and go back to being Nazu.

But today it's different. Oddly enough, I'm at a loss for words. In more ways than one. For someone who doesn't usually have a problem writing, I'm having a hard time putting this down. So perhaps let's just say it. Gladys is out.

Well, she'll always be there, wandering around the corridors of my head no doubt. But no more clowning as Gladys, that's what I mean. Long story about damaged vocal chords and I think I already went into that in the last post, so I won't repeat myself. Basically - for the next three to six months, I have to very careful with my voice. I've spent the last week in total silence, visited the doc again today, and now for the next fortnight have permission to speak a few words at a time, "only when absolutely necessary", along with various other instructions, medicines and even a series of calcium injections that my bum will play host to. Ouch. (Those of you who are wondering, no, calcium supplements won't do. I already asked.)

No singing, no wind instruments, no Gladys. At least for the next few months. I would really miss singing my favourite Christmas carols. And I'm already missing my flute. I'm hoping that the flute will be the first thing I'll be allowed to use again, once my vocal chords are sorted out.

But hey! Clowns think positive! And I can look forward to developing a new, silent clown character! There's always hope! Who knows, the new clown may be even funnier than Gladys ever was.

Not too many people will miss my incessant talking. My music teacher Mrs. Thomas told me years ago that I had "verbal diarrhoea". I shall have to inform her that I am now severely constipated. Actually, I won't miss the incessant talking, myself. I think it's a good thing, to have to ration out one's spoken words - perhaps it will make me choose my words better, think before I talk, bring more value to what I have to say. But I will miss Gladys. Just won't be the same without that funny voice and that brilliant wit. She was, pretty much, all voice. So I can't just turn her into a silent clown. There needs to be a new persona for that.

So goodbye, Gladys. And perhaps my next post will say hello to someone new.

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