Saturday, 11 August 2007

Gifts for Gladys.

A dear friend has just come down to visit from London, and she brought me some wonderful gifts for Gladys - red and white striped clown stockings, three glorious (and easily washable) pairs of colourful gloves in pink, yellow and orange (gardening gloves .. who'd have thunk? They're perfect!) and a multi-coloured pair of suspenders.

It was all deliciously exciting (oh yes, she also brought me two packets of an old favourite of mine: Rowntree's Fruit Gums) .. but horribly frustrating to have to react silently!

Talking of silent (talking?), I am in the process of developing a new clown character. I'm hoping that once my voice recovers, Gladys can be revived - perhaps with her Cockney accent intact, but with her pitch more at my normal speaking tone. But just in case - I wouldn't want this problem to resurface and then become chronic, for I do like having a voice - I am also trying to bring someone new to life. This new someone would be male, and silent. Let's see .. will work on costume, look, and of course name, tomorrow.

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