Friday, 24 August 2007

"The pain ..

The pain in my heart
Echoes the pain in my womb
Dark drops of blood
Mime the tears I'm not supposed to cry
I'm lonelier than I was before
Would you have looked like me?
Or did you have his eyes?
One day I shall show your little sister
All the things I was waiting to show you
Teach her the songs you were going to sing
Call her name and think of yours
That only you and I know.

(Written on 29/11/86)

After reading the comment that followed this, I felt I ought to clarify that I've  never had a  miscarriage, and never been pregnant.


daysease said...

i am sorry for the achings of your heart... you put your feelings down beautifully. they echo a sentiment i had when i lost one of my children to miscarriage. May God heal your heart and fill you with peace and hope.

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

That is very sweet of you but I have never actually had a miscarriage, in fact I have never been pregnant. But your comment makes me feel good cos it tells me I have a gift with words and with empathy :o) Thank you.