Wednesday, 2 April 2008

"What is success ...

I'm not sure this is poetry, it's just something I wrote in a diary (yes, yes, this is yet another regurgitated pearl from the diaries I'm destroying). But it's poetic and nice and I feel like sharing:

What is success for me?
To be useful, fruitful, functional, famous.
To have peace of mind.

To be a published writer
and to have Askios flourish
and to have my art work
recognised and wanted.
To die without regrets?
To find my soul mate.
To heal my fragmented mind as is best and live well with it.

It'll feel bubbly, energetic,
worth waking up for.

I'll be busily content, my days full, and oh yes I'll be richer.

To be admired.
To have my talents not lie stagnant.
To be recognised for the way
I have used them.
To create
To preserve my ideas
To communicate them in wonderful ways.

To make a difference in the world.
To leave it a better place.
To free myself of torment.
To understand myself.
To love myself.

I want to make a mark.
A good mark that would change this world for the better.
To be remembered?
Not necessarily.
As long as I know I didn't just walk through.
I need to know that I mattered.
That the world is a better place because of me.

(from my diary 2003 July 26 Saturday, 5.20 pm)

What I have learnt from reading this now, is that I need to truly believe that the world ALREADY is a better place because of me.

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