Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Once Upon A Dream

Once upon a dream, I was a tiger! I have never been a tiger before. I must have been Siberian because I didn't feel very orange or veyr striped. I was large heavy strong and solid. The dominant sense I had was of responsiblity for the tigress and the two cubs. I was a father. I was a tiger, a father, a protector, a writer.

I was endangered. My family was endangered. I wrote a letter for help! Imagine! A tiger writing a letter! Do you know how difficult that is with no fingers and thumbs, only clows and paws. But I wrote. Somehow. To the environmental NGO people. Telling them about Tiger and Tigress and Tigi and Tiga.

(Wild cats usually terrify me when they are cast as characters in my dreamworlds. To discover that i can be one of them is like - what? I can't think. Like the object of a senstence discovering its actually the subject of a the sentence.

the NGO people laughed as they read my letter. Because they thought I was a human being pretending to be a tiger writing a letter. But I wasn't.. Still in the end they did help, they brought us away but we had to pretend to be human. Walk upright on two legs and wear silly paper face masks. That was their idea of saving us.

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