Wednesday, 2 April 2008

feb 03 freeing the pomegranate

They do not want to be free. They do not realise they are individuals. Tear off the skin, pull them apart and still they cling to each other. They believe they are one because they share one soul; they too have heard the story that a girl must eat one pomegranate whole - no sharing - guess which seed holds the light and eat them all.

Which seed is it? No one knows. Not even the seeds themselves. Each one believes it holds the light, and so they all shine.

How can you free so foolish a thing that believes it is the world, that shines until sharp ceramic teeth bite and burst its world.

Perhaps though, just perhaps it does not need to be freed. It understand s better than we do because it creates its own understanding, and that might be freedom (so what does the light do? Will it free ME?)

12:05 am, Mon 22 Sept 03

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