Tuesday, 1 April 2008

March 2003

And so she went on a journey,

a long journey far away from Him

And He went His way,

leaving her to do what she willed

Knowing it was not over.

And she lived and she loved

though she did not really know how to do either.

She wandered and sang

and pretended to search

and she drank to cover

the wounds and the emptiness

And she sent a part of her to sleep,

to a dull drugged sleep.

But today she awoke.

Soon she will stretch

and lift her feet

and go in search of Him

And He will be there.

Out of the shadows that she created,

He may step forth

And she will see

that He is here,

That He has always been here.

And like a bride

she will lower her eyes and smile

and feel a flutter within

her heart

And accept Him

and ask Him to accept her.

from my diary .. but I think i should end it with he has always been here. the bride bit is corny.

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