Thursday, 6 November 2014

No difference.

The world was supposed to feel safer.
The air was supposed to smell clean.
But this death of a monster didn't change
a thing.

For this ending that came without justice
without confrontation
without resolution
I cried.
I cry.

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Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Wow. I wrote this a year ago, and set it to post today. I had forgotten about it. Came here this morning because I had something new to write (after a very long time I see! My last post was in July!) and found this.

I wrote the piece about a man who damaged my, and many other young girls' lives. I was angry and confused, because I could see that justice isn't something that necessarily happens. That people can do terrible things in their lifetime, and then just die quietly in their old age.

The thing is: today, a year since I wrote this piece, it doesn't seem to matter as much as it did then. I felt none of the despair I felt then. I didn't even think of the man. No. The first thing I thought of was his daughter, and her grief today.

That's all I wanted to say just now. I'm going to call her now. Catch you all later today, when I post a new bit of writing I just did before opening up the blog.