Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What did you do with yours today?

There's this thing about us humans.
No other species has it. Not like us.
This wonderful, awesome thing.

We don't use it very often
and we don't get to see it very often
but when we do...

When we do, and we recognise it,
we give each other goosebumps
and bring tears to each other's eyes.

When we do see it, we know it in every cell,
that this is what makes everything worthwhile,
this rare, precious, and yet so easily available thing.

If only we could remember to ask ourselves,
What did I do with my humanity today?
Anything? Nothing? And ask again tomorrow.


Barb Schanel said...

Held a meeting to dispel some grievances, watched a child for next to nothing to help a neighbor get by, and worked in the garden to strengthen our immediate community.

Shivani Singh said...

What a brilliant thought and so well penned. But of course you are a kind and sensitive full of the feelings and all the pain poet from whom the pain flows like a song.
i wonder how many of us ask this question though???
i count days if you care to know of days when i go to bed happy. :)

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S said...

I'm so glad I accidentally found your blog, because this post was such a beautifully expressed thought. The parting lines are quite thought-provoking, because I agree that not enough people consider this question. Props to you for being sensitive enough to think of this, and also being eloquent enough to phrase it in such a manner.