Thursday, 31 May 2012

The yip is silent.

I’m most disappointed. I quite liked pronouncing it wrong. It felt fun
coming out of my mouth, and sounded enthusiastic. YIP-si-LAN-ti!!
(See what I mean?) But alas, it’s not a yip. It’s an ip.

Never mind. There’s someone in the city of Ypsilanti who visits
my blog so I decided to google-visit them back.  I half expected
Ypsilanti to be a little hamlet in the mountains of Macedonia.
(Note to self: google Macedonia and see if it has mountains.)
But Ypsilanti’s in Michigan, USA. I was close though – it’s named
after a hero of the Greek War of Independence.

Ypsilanti sounds delightful to me (both phonetically and literally).
First of all, there are only about 20,000 people living in the city.
(I think there may be that many people living on my street!)
Secondly, if you get caught there with marijuana, the fine is only
five dollars. (Is this true??) Not that this matters to me. I don’t care
what you think you saw on Satyamev Jayate, I am Not That Kind Of Girl.*

You might think that my interest in Ypsilanti comes from
it having the last Hudson dealership(one of my relatives
has the most beautiful antique Hudson parked in his garage,
last rolled out at his even more beautiful and not-at-all-antique
daughter’s wedding). You might think that my interest in Ypsilanti
swells from the water-retention capacity of its famous brick
water tower – apparently nicknamed ‘The Brick Dick’ and
proud possessor of the title of World’s Most Phallic Building.
You might think my interest is piqued by all the artists and
musicians. Or that it peaks with the knowledge that those
two sweet demon-hunters Sam and Dean Winchester
spent a Christmas there.

But no. The most delightful discovery I made about Ypsilanti
is that this is where Domino’s Pizza was founded! My absolutely
most favourite pizza in the world! And winner of my
If-You-Could-Only-Eat-One-Thing-For-The-Rest-Of-Your-Life award.
Henceforth I shall yip (silently) in joy and camaraderie
for thirty minutes (or less) every time I have (and eat) my pizza.

* (any more).

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