Wednesday, 9 May 2012

I think so.

People who live without God don't understand, but this is why I have Him.
I need Him. Or Her, or They, as the case may be.
Sometimes I doubt Him. But I need Him.
Real or imagined, it does not matter.

It must be great not to need a God in your life.
It must feel strong.
I wouldn't know. I've always needed Mine.

God is the father who never dies; the mother who never wounds.
God is the coach who does not care if I was first or last, as long as I had fun.
God is the teacher who does not mind if I don't know the answer, as long as I heard the question.
God is the president I vote in my heart, knowing that He'll always have my best interests in His.
God is the policeman who watches and warns, but has no need of a weapon.
God is the judge who may send me to jail, but goes there with me.

God is every authority figure I know, as I'd wish them to be:
giving, supporting, guiding, loving, eternal.
Something bigger than myself.
Something to hold onto when I stumble or am struck down.

Love, regardless.
Hope, when I have nothing else.
Faith that in this world, where we are all really alone, we really aren't.

God is the strength I don't have, when I need it most.


Barb Schanel said...

This is really beautiful! My husband was reading it with me and he loved it too. It mirrors the point we have come to with God ourselves

The Girl said...

Woah. That was amazing and true.

fiphylia said...

i love it
follow me back

neora chana said...

I love this. Do you mind if I share it with my rabbi?

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

@ neora - Mind? I would be delighted!