Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Serendipity, Sao Paulo

It was love at first sight for me. From the moment I discovered
the Internet, I was hooked. To seal the obsession, I was part
of the team that developed the launch campaign for the Internet
in Bahrain, inet for Batelco. I was one of those copywriters
who liked to believe in the products she sold, and with inet it was easy.

I could go on and on about the joys of the Internet, but for now
I'll rave about just one of them -  the way it connects us all,
around the world. Every day that I check my blog, I'm amazed -
and awed - that there are visitors from continents I may never see,
from cities and towns I have never heard of, or places whose names
bring back memories of books I have read or songs I've listened to.
Every now and then I like to google and look for the deeper connection
between myself and these places or the people who come to this blog from them.

This morning I blog-hopped over to Angela's blog in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
It was all in Spanish, but there was one little box in the top right corner,
whose contents I recognised immediately.

Se Deus e por nos,
quem sera contra nos?

It's a line from the Bible's New Testament, one that I'd heard
so often as a schoolgirl, but nothing that I've kept top of mind.
This morning, however, I was disturbed and confused about
something I'd read last night, and there were a zillion questions
bouncing around my mind. My little blog-hop to Sao Paulo
gave me the answer to them all.

Thank you, Angela, for being my connection to this.


Cheena said...

I would to experience such quaint situations! Unfortunately, nvr hd any! :(

bint battuta said...

Um, you mean Portuguese.

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Oh dear, is it really?! hahaha! Well, Spanish or Portuguese, it's all Greek to me!

Iosif said...
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EnKoppZen said...

Yes, it´s amazing how internet can connect continents todays.
Your blog is very interesting.

icornr said...
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Anonymous said...

Jaa du här fattade man inte mycket men en trevlig blogg ser du ut att ha i alla fall!
Många snöiga kramar från sverige ;))

mythopolis said...

Greetings from Tennesse in the southern US of A! (Just dropping by...................)