Sunday, 3 October 2010

A tiny bit significant.

My last post was about something hugely significant. It's getting 
such an incredible response that for the last two days I've been 
worrying about how to follow that up. Finally, I chose this picture 
I took last week. Visually I find it appealing - the round green 
leaves, the curl of the dried leaves, the white streaks against 
that lovely dark grey in the granite, and the texture of the sand. 
What I like about it best, though, is the fact that the green plant 
you see there, from one tip to another, would fit inside 
a 50 paise coin (a diameter of no more than 2 cm).

I love that it's possible to find beauty and symbolism in 
the tiniest of things. I look at this and I see so many different 
things. A story of survival in spite of the odds. A story of 
life's timeline - birth and growth, solidity and strength, 
withering and crumbling. And a story of reassurance:  
because if there is significance and beauty in a little weed 
down at my feet, there is significance in me, and in everything. 
And if everything matters, if nothing is unimportant, then 
the things I give far too much importance to - success, 
perfection, improvement and competition - might be over-rated.

All I have to do is be me.

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