Saturday, 11 October 2008

Post Orifice; or All Those Letters I Stuff Away And Never Get Down to Mailing

Poetry, poetry, poetry. Seems like that's all I've been posting lately. I felt it was time to add a new flavour to the blog so here we go with a new label: Post Orifice. I'm not too sure where it fits in with this whole art, earth, ink, soul thing I have going. I suppose it qualifies under Ink.

You know how it is when someone in the news - politicians, entertainers, corporations, etc - do something that is just begging for a retort or at least a sarcastic come-back or maybe just a little pat on the head - that's what Post Orifice is going to be about.

Of course, with my non-violent leanings, I shall endeavour to make these letters as nice as I can. Should be interesting. Or not. This is the joy of blogging. As long as it interests the blogger, it gets published.

That reminds me: all you lovely affirming people who keep telling me I should publish my writing (dead-tree publishing as opposed to this virtual stuff), first let me say Thank You for your appreciation. However, if you'll note my byline reads "Clown, Poet, Warrior" and I haven't added "Writer-in-search-of-publisher" to it just yet. Several reasons.

1. I have a small readership on this blog. I'm not sure it's worth the effort or the dead trees to try and get my words in print on paper.

2. Between Clowning, Poetics and Warriorism, I really have neither time nor energy to type it all out neatly and mail it to publishers or scout for agents.

3. I'm happy. I write, I post, and some people read and like what I have to say. The words will, I hope, last longer on the web than I shall on the planet. Sure, it would be nice to publish the normal way, but if you'll re-read the first sentence of this point #3, you'll get the jist of why I don't find it necessary. I'm happy. That's enough.

But, despairing readers who feel I MUST do more, must reach this full potential or whatever it's called when one becomes a published writer - if reading all this is giving you angst, then by all means get in touch with your publisher/agent friends. Give them the link to my blog and let them have a read. If they really think the world needs to see these words of mine nicely printed out on paper and bound between the pages of a book, then they'll come to me. And I'll welcome them with a smile and say yes.

Till then, though, it's just the blog. Read it. Enjoy it. Be happy. I am.

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