Monday, 20 October 2008

"Across unexplored distances ..

Across unexplored distances
part of our souls are entwined
in an intimacy that can't be explained.
We know each other,
but are strangers.
We may never meet again,
but we have come together.
A man and a woman,
but not as men and women do.

There is a bond,
and there are no bonds.
There is a kind of love that cannot be called love.
There are secrets behind each other's eyes
that we are beginning to understand,
and secrets we are too remote to share.

Finding everything my heart has longed for,
and nothing of all my body desires,
I cannot call him friend or lover.
He is both less and more.

(written for R,  on 13-3-95, 1.45 a.m.)


Richa said...

Loved this one :)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Thank you, God Bless!

Janice said...

Beautiful! Thank you.