Saturday, 4 October 2008

DEAR ME: "Every day that I live ..

Death is something I think about, almost every day. Not in a morbid way, at least I don't think so. But I'm very aware of it, very aware - and yet I never come up with any real answers about it. Here's something I wrote back in 1993 about it. Mulling through some answers, I end with just another question.

Every day that I live
I am more alive
and closer to death.

Every day that I live
I have more left to do
and less time left.

Every day that I live I die a little
and every thought of death
brings more life to every moment of living.

Accepting life is not enough.
Accepting death is all there is.

Between life and death is a lifetime.
Between living and dying is a moment.

And when I die, will I have lived?

(written on Nov 12, 1993)

I wrote this after reading a wonderful book "Knots" by R.D. Laing, which explores contradictions.


Chaggoholic.... said...

M in love with the product as well its inspiration. Nice one dear.Kp postin....

JMH said...

Each stanza merits contemplation. To the last, I'd say yes and no.

Chethana said...

simple and brilliant.

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Thanks for all the lovely motivating comments, people! JMH .. I think my answer to the last question - I hope it would be a resounding YES. Of course it might have a post script .. 'Yes, but not enough .. " but then saying "enough" is a tough word for us humans to say to most things :o)