Saturday, 25 October 2008

HAIKU NOODLES: A dampened Diwali.

Perhaps this rain is

Lakshmi weeping for the rage
exploding "for her".

The rockets, sparklers, anars and chakras I can understand - it's possible their bright brilliance do mark the way for the goddess Lakshmi to arrive at our doors (albeit coughing a bit as she breathes in the muggy gunpowder-filled air).

But where does the concept of exploding crackers fit in with the concept of Diwali? The Festival of Light, we call it, but every year I see it is more a festival of noise. From the half-hour long rat-a-tat-tats of little red crackers unfurled down a residential street, to

i hope she doesn't look back over her shoulder to see where she's been the night before. She'll be horrified, and insulted, by the mess.

*anar - also known as flowerpots or sparkling fountains

**chakra - Hindi for Catherine Wheel

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