Friday, 15 June 2007

Have filofax. Will clown.

This is turning out to be serious business. Being a nostalgic type, I decided to go for something sentimental and, being unimpressed by Blackberrys and mutant mobile phones that can do everything except laundry, I decided to get myself Ye Olde Filofax.

The last time I owned a Filofax they were the New, In Thing. And of course, they're now called "organisers" because Filofax is really a brand name. But all those notebook sized ring-binder folders will always be Filofaxes to me. Like Hoovers and Xerox and IBMs. So I'm outdated. Shoot me.

But not this week. My Filofax says I'm too busy. It has been a hectic fortnight, so hectic I haven't time to write about my clowning - which has been going wonderfully. From an interesting episode at St Philomena's to the mad rush of rehearsals for our Docteur Clown show at Alliance Francaise, and the actual show itself. Details - including news reports and some lovely photographs - in posts to come. Watch this space.

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