Monday, 18 June 2007

Before the show.

Here are a few pix from rehearsals at the Alliance Francaise before our show.The first pic is of Biclown and Gladys with the little French "pixies" who put on a wonderful acrobatic routine with Fabiola and Miss Rose on The Planet of Acrogaz.

Next we have Mamu looking very happy with his lady friends from the Planet of Fire! Fabiola (the pixies' leader is second from right, and if your eyesight is better than mine, you'd already have noticed Miss Rose peeking in from behind.Finally Miss Rose in one of her delightful specially tailored outfits (Calvin Klown, I think) with Eric, director of Alliance, a man who appears to be a sedate professional here, but later turned into an hilarious Crowd Checker at the show, armed with his feather duster to dust the heads of people in the audience (and Gladys, much to her surprise!) after zooming around the stage and ramps on his bicycle and honking a wonderful bulb horn!

I must get me one of those horns. They take me back to my childhood when every self-respecting auto rickshaw was equipped with one. Nowadays all the autos have those irritating hi-tech buttons that go "nyeet-nyeet-nyeet", and I do so miss the mellow "pwarrrrmp" of those old bulb horns.

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