Wednesday, 23 May 2007

There must be something to them

It's easy enough to put men down. They're in charge and the world's a mess. They beat wives, rape children, commit most of the crimes, and start wars. BUT.I was reading through a comment on one of my other blogs, where a man said something about men not having anything to be proud of except their arrogance. I find that sad. And though there are many men I have little respect for, I don't lose hope in them entirely. There must be something more to them. They wouldn't be here if that weren't so.I look at women and see how amazing so many of them are. I think it is the struggle that does it. And I also see that those women seem to be more in touch with both their "feminine" and "masculine" qualities, are the ones who seem most completely human. Perhaps this is what men need to find: the balance between yin and yang. All that energy expended in trying to prove manhood in so many ways, when perhaps this is what prevents them from ever really finding the man within?

A man's gift is not
his penis, strength, land, weapons.
It's within, unwrapped.

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