Monday, 21 May 2007

Germ-ridden Gladys stays home.

They will miss Gladys tomorrow. No clowning for me tomorrow as I am unwell. Another reason to love clowning. Back in the days of advertising, I could have 104 degrees temperature but the boss would still insist on my coming in to work. (Unless I came in without her insisting, in which case she would insist that I went home.)

But we clowns are specifically asked NOT to work when we're sick, even if "sick" is just a cold, cough or sore throat. Because we can't take chances with passing on any germs to little kids who are already sick.

I wish people who go visit other people in hospital would do the same. I know people who'll go with great runny noses and wheezy coughs, to see newborn babies and yes .. horror of horrors, actually hold the little thing in their arms and kiss it. Little newborn babies! Those sweet little squally things with practically no immune system yet! That's nearly manslaughter! But well-meaning manslaughter. All in the name of love. All in a day's work for this human race that hasn't quite figured out what love really is. Thank God I'm a clown. We know. Or we're supposed to know, at any rate. But then, I'm only a clown part of the time. Does that make me a half-breed clown?

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