Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Red Nose Withdrawal Syndrome.

Still waiting and it's agony! I need to clown!! Desperately!!!

Manipal Hospital requires some paperwork, and Philomena's I've been to twice already. Last time I met the hospital director Dr Shankar and the Head of Pediatrics Dr Ranjan. I introduced them to dr. Gladys and they were both quite delighted to meet her. Gladys of course was not surprised.

"I 'ave this STRANGE effect on men," she says. "I seem to put them in some kind of trance and they just stare at me in AWE."

Can't argue with that, Gladys, although I'm not sure "awe" is exactly the word.

Well, we are nearly ready to start working at St Philomena's. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with the nursing superintendent Sister Germaine, and after that it should be all go. Can't wait!

Meanwhile dr. Rose should be back from Nepal by now and so clowny things should move quicker in general. And my lab coat, currently being stitched all over with applique flowers (to hide the ink stains .. the coat was a gift from an ex-med student), looks a bit odd. But odd is good, I suppose.

And this is all the news I have to post today. It's been more of a Warrior day than a Clown one.

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