Thursday, 10 May 2007

One fine day at St. Philomena's.

First day at St Philomena's.

Miss - sorry MRS.- Rose and Gladys got off to a good start when they found a poor ailing banana who wasn't peeling well, right there in the doctors' changing room. There was a nice bed in the room, so after giving Mr. Banana a once-over with the stethoscope, they tucked him in and left him to rest.

First stop was the neo-natal ward, where the little preemies got their first taste (well sound) of French lullabies. And then onward and upward to the pediatric wards. On the way Miss Rose came upon a bunch of gloves just hanging around listlessly. 3 whole rows of them. Realising that these poor flaccid souls were in urgent need of medical attention, she gave them some music therapy, while Gladys taught them some finger physiotherapy.

On the way to the wards, Mrs. Rose stopped for an impromptu magic show. Meanwhile Mamu's driver Kishore showed up so Gladys hurried him off to the transporter room so that he could deliver Mamu asap.

And then the three went about making noise and bubbles and all sorts of antics - one of the highlights was when Gladys, looking peakish, had to lie down and Mrs. Rose took out her humongous rectal thermometer ...

Much love and laughter dispensed. Plenty of smiles all around, and one little toddler followed them about, actually guffawing with laughter. (Not a common sight, guffawing toddlers. Giggling, maybe, but guffawing quite a rare sight even for clown ornithologists). Even a crotchety cleaning lady ended up with a smile on her face, and another actually got into the act, twirling Gladys about to "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai".

Finally back in the doctors' changing room, Mamu was safely locked in the toilet for about a month while Gladys and Mrs. Rose got changed. One last check on Mr. Banana, who was looking quite rested after his peaceful nap in the doctors' bed. He's sure to have been peeling well by the afternoon.

Happy patients. Smiling nurses. Bemused passers-by. Sleeping banana. A day well spent, a job well done. And so to lunch! Exit the clowns.

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