Friday, 20 January 2006


It's a funny thing.
I empty myself and now
I'm full, and laughing.

This is what I think faith is about. It's about emptying myself: surrendering to a Higher Power, submitting to the will of Allah, turning my life and trust over to Jesus.

The funny bit is this: I do that emptying, and I suddenly find myself filled, with the last thing I'd have expected -- and this fullness doesn't weigh me down. It leaves me free to live strong and sure, clearly guided AND guided clearly. And it makes me not just smile, but laugh out loud in the sheer joy of it all. It's not just funny. It's fun.

In this call to Faith
the devil will try and try.
But then, so will I.

It's not always easy. In my experience, whenever I've turned to God is when the temptations to turn other ways come strongest. Sometimes they're obvious, but mostly they're well disguised. Some come in the shadow of a well-meaning friend: asking questions, raising doubts, reading palms. Some come from within: from impatience, hunger or loneliness.

Evil tries hardest when that flame of faith is first lit and burns confidently. Evil gets me and makes me waver. But the Good Guys win every time. I may screw up, falter, backtrack, it doesn't matter. I don't succeed outright, but I never stop trying. And that's all it takes.

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