Thursday, 22 December 2005


Evil thrives on fear
Like flesh-eating bacteria
Hungry for my soul

If I am so close to God, if I place all my trust in Him (or Her, as the case may be), then where does all the fear come from? If I love God, why must I cry when someone dies? Why am I afraid of death? No answers right now.

I was watching a Christian preacher, Joyce Meyer, on Z Cafe the other morning. She mentioned how our fears are the way the devil keeps us in bondage. Her words have stayed with me as something to lean on when I feel a fear beginning to overwhelm me.

Tonight there was flesh-eating bacteria on Star World's Medical Investigation - ironically a program which promotes fear. I like to imagine this series is funded by American politicians of Rumsfeldian demeanour who own vast shareholdings with pharmaceutical giants.

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