Monday, 8 August 2005

From the same palette as Mynah's beak.

(which, incidentally, glows translucent in the early morning sun .. there is so much to see if one just LOOKS).

Something new each time.
Today I learnt the colour
of Kite's feet. (Yellow).

Who would have thought it? But one kite flew so low overhead, while my head was thrown back in its usual One-Day-All-This-Sky-Watching-Will-Lead-To-Spondylosis position. Usually what I see is practically a silhouette, although at times I watch the kites turn their heads left and right as they scan below them, perhaps for prey. But this kite was so low, I could see its feet clearly .. and they were a bright golden cheerful yellow. It was like being let in on some big secret.

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