Friday, 26 August 2005

"Pain drips ...

I actually jotted down this poem almost immediately after the first poem. For some reason I had thought it would be more appropriate to date the poem the following day. And so, now in 2007, I thought I'd do the same again, although on the original Dear Me blog I had posted both poems on the same day.

Dear me! What an unnecessarily confusing paragraph that was. Pretend it never happened. Just go ahead and read the poem.

Pain drips
Like fluid from a lung
A slow stench rises:
Blood sweat dung
Dagger up your rib cage
Flames taste your arm
Blood running down your cheek:
bodily harm.

Pain clutching at your heart
Smothering your breath
Tears heartbreak vacant stares
Chalk one up for death.
Noise inside a vacuum
Silence in a crowd
Sit and mourn your life away,
nestled in your shroud.

(supposedly written on 17 October 1983 but really it was the 16th)

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