Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Roll over, Sarojini Naidu, here comes Blog #2

I set aside the Haiku Noodles for a while, when I started finding poetry I had written as a teenager, in old diaries. This one is not quite "proper" poetry, but I just had to share it with the world! I had just turned 16, and was in the 11th Standard at school. While sick in bed with jaundice, I got quite creative and wrote this spoof on Sarojini Naidu's beautiful poem "Coromandel Fishers". I also remember writing and illustrating a spoof on Jonathan Livingston Seagull; it was the story of Felix Uriah Cockroach, who only wanted to sing. It ended tragically, in a bathtub (he risked all for better acoustics). Alas, that remarkable piece of writing was lost forever in 1985. Here then, is all that remains, the first verse of "Bathroom Cleaners" written on August 26, 1981:

Rise, brothers, rise!
The wakening skies
fill with factory smoke.
The cockroaches lie at the side of the road
along with the beggar folk.
Come let us gather our
brooms from the floor
and take hold of a scrubbing brush -
To kill the germs inside the pot
for we are the sons of the flush.

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