Tuesday, 23 July 2013

One day I want to be brave.

One day I want to be brave.

I would like to be like the Warrior in the Manual of the Warrior of Light.

Or the little Black Girl in search of God.

But I am not. Not yet.

I am afraid. Very afraid. Of almost everything.

So I hide a lot and do very little.

My friend told me yesterday that I am already brave.

I want to believe her.

She says I am brave because I am afraid.

Because I am afraid but still here.

Still here, still trying.

She says I give her hope.

She says when she needs strength she looks at me.

I wish I could look at me the way she does.

I think I will start trying instead of wishing.

I think I will start now, not tomorrow.

I think I may already have started.

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