Saturday, 17 November 2012

That's more like it.

Although yesterday's post has it's value, I much prefer this auto-rickshaw's message to the world.

For those of you who don't understand Urdu or Hindi, that says:

God willing
we will meet again
May God keep you in his care
My fellow traveller

Nice to know that someone feels that way. I'm always on the look-out
for interesting "Auto Backsides"; some get very creative.

For some reason, however, most auto drivers seem to like
decorating their, er, backside, with a dagger dripping blood.
I can only assume it's a silent plea for help and compassion.
It must be hell driving around in that bumpy three-wheeler
all day. I'm pretty sure there's a correlation between the frequency
of dripping-dagger-decorated auto backsides and the vast amount
of Piles & Fistula Clinic signs I see all over the city.


Unknown said...

I remember traveling in those when I lived in Pakistan. This looks much nicer and safer than those!

lol...never thought I would miss the rikshaw rides.

Safire said...

Quite eerie though to get into to an auto-rickshaw with the blood dripping pic. Makes you wonder if the ride is safe! However, these rides can actually be quite scary. Some of them don't even respect the traffic rules, although who really does in Bangalore! A driver's nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting !..Love those rickshas