Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pink is in and whirligigs are go!

Trees bloom in pink at Richmond Park, 13 11 2012
The colour of the day is pink! Noticed this on my way back
from buying sparklers the other day. I took this picture with
the phone on my camera, so it hasn't really done justice to
the breathtaking wave of colour that caught my eye.

I'm not sure Mr. Krumbiegel planted these trees in particular,
but he was responsible for the variety of blooming trees
around this city that dress Bangalore in one colour or another,
all year around. Whenever I look at a blooming tree, I'm grateful to
Mr Krumbiegel for his lovely legacy to this city.

Mahogany tree at the Church of South India graveyard, 13 11 2012
More breaking news - the mahogany tree's "potatoes" have
 split open and their whirligig seeds are ready to catch the next
breeze. I love these seeds, and often collect the ones that fall
on my terrace. If I'm lucky, I catch our building's senior citizens
sitting downstairs on a bench after their evening walk, and
surprise them with a shower of whirligigs from the terrace above.


Barb Schanel said...

How lovely! Our trees have just lost all of their color :-(

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Barb, I must tell you more about Mr Krumbiegel who was in charge of the Botanical Gardens here about a century ago .. he's largely responsible for the "seasonal blooming" that gives us colourfully dressed trees through the year. Will write something about him soon :-)

Safire said...

Bangalore's trees are beautiful with an array of coloured flowers. How sad though to see some of them being chopped. I recently read a petition about the Lal Bagh botanical garden to be converted to a parking lot? Such blasphemy!

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Oh goodness not the entire garden (runs into over a 100 acres .. can't remember the exact figure just now!) They want one part of it .. :-( and funnily enough I think it is the Lalbagh people who feel they "need" more parking. Idiots. Bury them up to their heads in the rose garden for a few hours, I say :-) People who don't appreciate the importance of a botanical garden shouldn't be working there.