Monday, 24 September 2012

The Timid Painter.

What I like best about decluttering is finding things I'd forgotten.
Which tends to be most things I find. These are my first attempts
at watercolour, from back in the 90s or maybe it was the late 80s
(I've forgotten that too). I decided to go to a class held by
a Bahraini artist. This was my first tentative attempt:

I have uploaded it as "Small" because it's hardly worth looking at,
and yes, it really was that faint and timidly painted!

From my second attempt, I realised that this is supposed to some part
of Bahrain's coastline, with seagulls flying overhead:
There they are again, those seagulls .. I think I was learning how
to do something called a wash, and getting the sky and the sea right.
I don't think I succeeded, although they are at least identifiable in this one.

My third painting rather surprised me (today, I mean. I'm not sure
if it surprised me back when I did it). I think it's painted off
a photograph I took years ago on a visit to Mysore. Somewhere
near Tipu Sultan's summer palace, if my memory serves me
correctly? Which it frequently does not. Anyhow, I like this one
so naturally I uploaded it as "Large".

Hang on. I see palm trees. Maybe this one is somewhere in Bahrain, too.

Yes. Nothing profound today. Just decluttered pictures. And
unsuccessfully-decluttered memories.


Safire said...

Lovely watercolours, so there's no need to feel timid. I would be proud if I had done them!

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

I thought it was important to put them up because:

1. I'm always worried my work's "not good enough" and I really need to get over that! There'll always be better or worse and it really doesn't matter which I am. The important thing is to be happy with what I've done, and not expect to be perfect - and not be ASHAMED of being imperfect. So this is a start.

2. There may be someone else out there who feels the same way I do, about THEIR work.

Barb Schanel said...

These are beautiful! An inspiration for me, as I have just picked up watercolors for the first time.

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

How nice, Barb! I like watercolours cos they're so .. well, fluid! Unpredictable. Although my favourite is a plain old pencil :-) I've also tried watercolour pencils which are really nice for illustrations as it's somehow more controllable and they work very well for me with shading esp on words .. shall put some up if I haven't already.