Thursday, 13 September 2012

Check out the alphabet.

Have you noticed the pages I've added to this blog (on a ribbon
at the top of the page). Each of them contains an alphabetic list
of places - the places my readers come from. Every so often,
I check the map at the bottom of my blog, and update the list
with new visitors' locations.

It's my way of acknowledging and appreciating your visits.
And it's also just fun, because I love making lists and putting
things in alphabetic order.

Do go have a look. Start with the page Thank You, World
and then click away. It's more interesting than you'd think.
Or maybe not. Maybe it's just more interesting than I'd think.

P.S. I also write posts that are inspired by my list - you'll find
them under the label "EARTH places".


zohra said...

love it!

zohra said...

super idea

Pali blogger said...

Wow, it is really useful :) By the way I didn't find myself :(

Pali blogger said...

It is a great idea but unfortunatelly I didnt find myself :(

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

Sorry you couldn't find your city, Pal! The thing is, the map tracker usually lists the city AND the country, but in your case it had only listed the country :-( but thank you for making the effort and for visiting too :-)

Pali blogger said...

Well, it doesn't matter :) But don't worry I will read your blog ;)