Sunday, 10 February 2008

Why DO we do it?

It's almost always the first question asked: "Have you put on weight?" Or, if you want to be nice, "Have you been dieting?" Sometimes it's just a statement. "You're looking chubby." or "You're not eating enough."

Whatever it is, it's almost always a slug, and if the slugger's motives are questioned, will usually be met with hurt expressions, I-was-just-ASKings, or the old favourite, You-can't-take-constructive-criticism.

When there's no slug intended, then we must sigh and accept that there are people out there with poor conversation skills and no creativity. And then we must seethe. Of course, for much of our seething we have only ourselves to blame. We buy into the whole body-obsession thing, and we spend plenty of time running around in terror like headless chickens (nice plump ones) wondering what to do about our imperfect bodies. Because, of course, once our bodies our perfect, our lives will be too, won't they?

(Here I would just like to point out that headless chickens tend NOT to function on brain power).

Not surprisingly, when I looked for answers, I found my inspiration in nature. And at the circus.

The hippo was fat.
No one judged, asked, or advised.
(Fat, and hairy too).


pRiyA said...

whew! finally someone has dared write about this. i want to just memorize this entire blog entry and quote it at the next person who slugged at me.

pRiyA said...

small correction:
...who 'slugs' at me.

Unknown said...

So true, so true. Will we ever learn to see that beauty is in variety, rather than uniform, impossible, skinniness?

Art Earth Ink Soul said...

These days I'm learning to see the beauty in the curve and swell of my paunch!