Friday, 1 February 2008


Driving down CMH Road this evening, I saw this mysterious message spray-painted on a wall. I have no idea what it means. Do any of you?

As far as I know, here in Bangalooraloo we have no politicians named Angina. Do any go by the nickname"Angie"? Is there a Nagina out there with a dyslexic supporter? Oh! Maybe we have an A.N. Gina?

Could it be an acronym? For example:
Anti Nicotine Group of Intensely Neurotic Activists.
All Nonsense Graffiti for Indian Nicotine Addicts.
Asian Non-Governmental Institute for Nagging Aches.

Perhaps there is a heart patient out there in Indiranagar, who, having experienced the horrors of cardiac arrest, decided that angina was a lesser evil.

Maybe it is a warning. From someone who has spent agonising hours, days or months, trying to figure out why their name is not on the Voter's List. Someone who wants us to know just how stressful the desire to vote can be. Someone who left out a comma. Maybe the message is supposed to read "Vote, for angina."

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Slogan Murugan said...

lol. Interesting. I would have just clicked a picture.

Thanks for the blogroll! Now I have to live up to expectations!