Friday, 25 January 2008

Suniti Namjoshi

Last evening my friend Aditi invited me and about twenty other people to an evening with Suniti Namjoshi. I had no idea who Suniti was until I googled her, and now, after meeting her and hearing her read from her work and listening to her talk, I am a fan. I love that she tickled my mind open and awake. It had been sluggish and musty, yet another part of my life that needs decluttering. I needed to meet that lady!

Suniti talked about writing, and if you click on this you can read some of what she thinks about it. She also read from her work, and both asked and encouraged questions. And so we talked of emotion, of good and evil, of monsters and children and adults.

This is some of what sprouted for me, from last evening:

Children's emotions are open. They love. They hate. They fear. They want. They hope. Adults do all the same things but their emotions get contained and polluted somewhere along the line. We get quite obsessed with labels and formulae and answers and really, there ARE no answers. We clutter and pollute our insides with all this unnecessary baggage and then find ourselves incredibly complicated and think this is what being grown-up is all about. (Funnily enough, a lot of the evening was spent in asking questions and looking for labels and formalae and answers!)

Today my mind feels fertile and refreshed. Freshly ploughed. I can't wait to see what grows, and share it with you all here! Thank you, Suniti Namjoshi, for coming into my life. And thank you, Aditi, for bringing her.

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