Sunday, 20 January 2008

If I could only bottle it ...

I finally got together the paintbrushes, paper and courage to try some watercolour painting. Not the world's greatest artist, but not the world's worst. (Actually there is no greatest OR worst. There are just artists.)

I really hate the way people hang their laundry in public view off the sides of their balconies. (I take mine up to the rooftop terrace for drying that's decent and discreet!)

But a week or so ago, I somehow saw a prettiness on my neighbour's washing line. So I sketched it out and decided to fill it in with watercolour - which I did last night. It reminded me of what I like best about drying clothes in the sun - that wonderful warm aroma they come back in with - and it noodled a haiku out of me:

Sunday morning scent

of sunshine: I go fishing,

my bait on a line.


pRiyA said...

Yes, my dear phriend, for this WONDERFUL phainting and thoughtful writing, you have been awarded the
'Thinking Blogger Award'.
Check it out.

Rae said...

i am too much liking. haiku + art-eries.

p.s: laundry gives major insight into the balcony owner's life.. (eg: my neighbour has atleast 50 buniyans on his line - all white - all sleeveless.. like mr. bean's week of underwear. hence, he must definitely be comeone as paranoid as i am, or it must be his wife who's that paranoid, who buys him his stack of buniyans. or his relatives keep gifting him baniyans which means he has wierd relatives. - which means, again, we share something in common!)