Saturday, 15 July 2006

No more road rage.

I can love you all
if I can see the beauty
that each of you brings.

It isn't as far-fetched as it seems. And it works wonders for me, for my peace of mind, and, no doubt, my blood pressure. Because if I look at every person - no, not just every person, but every animal, every insect, every tree - as God's creations, then I know that He has created them for a reason. And when I know that God loves me, with all my flaws and weaknesses and limitations, He still loves me: even if my love for Him (or Her, as the case may be) is not as pure or whole or constant, He still loves me. Just for being me. Just for BEING. Just as He loves all creation. If I love and respect God, then doesn't it follow that I would treat His creations with love and respect too, for His sake?

I think of this sometimes when I am driving, and it makes me a gentler, kinder, more polite and patient road user, who arrives unruffled and smiling.

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