Thursday, 9 November 2006

Xtra Strong Adult Mints

(Note from 2008, which is when I started shifting my Ad Nausea posts over to this blog: Occasionally, I can be nasty. Yes! Sometimes I just have to rave and rant about the ads I see in the media. And just to show that I am a well-balanced individual - more than a philosophical, poetic, nature-loving clown - I do not hide this darker side. Instead I jot down those rants here. Although, as you can see, I started soft).

I thought I would start with a thumbs up. This is the ad (TV commercial):

A young man goes to his girlfriend's home for dinner. Pops in a mint at the door. Frosts up his girlfriend's glasses. (Although technically, wouldn't she rather he STEAMED them up?)

But let's continue. He sits down to discover the amazing power of Xtra Strong Adult Mints. He starts as a foot slithers up his leg. He smiles at his girlfriend. She gets up from the table. The foot is still there. It's her sister's. Then, he jumps again. Another foot! His girlfriend's mother. And then the piece de resistance, he jumps and glances nervously down between his legs, and looks up to see his girlfriend's father giving him the eye (among other things).

No matter how many times I see this ad, I always crack up. Well cast, well directed, shots edited just right. A raunchy joke told subtly and wittily. I blow a kiss to the writer.

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