Wednesday, 29 November 2006

The trees know the truth.

The trees know. They really do. The Native American tribes understood the wisdom of the trees. I often think that trees just might be the wisest living things on this planet. And last week I heard a wonderful poem about trees that expressed that same sentiment. It's so exciting and awe-inspiring to read someone's writing from centuries ago, only to find that there is something in the human spirit that ripples and echoes down the ages.

The trees shudder in dismay.
The city writhes on.

So much of what we call civilisation is so barbaric. And when we call men "beasts" or "animals" to express that, it seems a bit silly. They are far less barbaric than we are. And the trees .. the American tribes would say that if a tree had to be cut down, it was better to cut the younger tree, because to cut an old tree was to destroy and lose forever the wisdom within that tree. So when I see our glorious old trees being hacked and pulled out of the earth to make way for malls I can't help but think: Stupidville, here we come.

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