Thursday, 22 May 2014


Beware, oh seeker of the Truth!
It is a fearsome creature.
Sharp of tooth
and strong of jaw,
it holds steadfast
to nature’s law.
It will not kill you
nor leave you alive,
and yet somehow
you will survive.
For a time, that is.
For a time, that is all.
No questions asked,
no trumpet call.
Death, and that is all. 

Beware, oh seeker of the Truth!
Do not go out in glory.
warrior, you will not like
Truth’s ending
to your story.
And once Truth scars you,
and it will,
there is
no going back.
Stay home, where you’re safe.
Stay home, where there’s love.
Ask no questions,
call no bluffs.
Live, that is enough.

Beware, oh seeker of the Truth!
Your armour is your lie.
Once you lay it down
you’re light.
You may dare
look Truth in the eye.
Will it harm you? No,
but it will wound.
Will the pain
be worth what you gain?
Can you stumble to a fresh start?
Bear the burden of your broken heart?
Do you need to be free?
Is it vital to see?
Seek then, with me.

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