Sunday, 11 August 2013

Why I walk the roof.

I could barely manage to describe what I saw yesterday, with
the kites. How can I begin to describe the sky? It doesn't matter
 if it's not over a beautiful lake or an ocean, mountain or forest.
It is just as beautiful when it blankets a city infested with
humanity's ugliness. Clumsy buildings, piles of garbage,
cell network towers and black cables zigzagging all over
can't  touch it. Even photography won't do it justice (and mine
is off my phone camera)! But even a simple phone cam
can't hide how amazing it is.

Clouds spread out to dry after a rain?

Big heavy rain clouds that sometimes get blown away

A distant golden pyramid, or a snowtipped mountain? Cloud catching the sunset, and my imagination.

And as I walk, the sky keeps changing

The colours deepen or melt

The clouds shift and evolve in the wind's hands

 I'm supposed to be up there burning calories but it is more than
my exercise hour, it's a time of worship.


Kirtana said...


Barb Schanel said...

I've always loved being on the roof so it didn't occur to me to wonder why you walk there. When I was a teenager I used to ride my bike miles and miles to my church and then climb up a drainpipe to the roof . . . just to be there.

jon said...

These are gorgeous and so unlike anything around here. The sky is different.

Would you like to do a monthly photograph exchange? We could do it as guest posts. Like on the 15th of the month for three months and then talk about renewing the contract (maybe because you're dissatisfied that I'm just sending you pictures of other people's cats?)

Well, it's an idea. Email me at jhoferle(at)gmail(dot)com if you like it.